Kids' page

"Tutoring" is not just for kids who need help to catch up, but also for kids who want to become really great at something, so that it becomes easy and fun. 

If you have come here looking help with Math or English, then you will need your parents’ help to sign up for session times: 

Show this website or link ( to your parents and they can get you signed up for help with homework or test preparation, or just becoming great at the subject you want. 

You can also earn $50 if you know of any other kids who need help when you (or your parents) tell them about this service and they sign up.  Follow this link for how it works --> Referral rewards

To let your parents know about this page, you can bookmark it, or print it out, or give them the URL (my web link address =, or email it to them.

I provide Tutoring (test preparation, homework help, etc.) over Skype video calls.  Skype is fun and easy to set up, and Skype is free to install and use.  Get Skype here if you don't already use it.  Skype home: 

Here are some questions so you can tell me what kinds of things you are interested in: