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I use Google services like online Ads and analytics, etc. and they say we’re required to have a privacy policy to explain that.  But they don’t give us the exact wording and I don’t know all the technical minutia... 

So here’s just my take on it in my own simple language. 

I’m just a regular person trying to provide a tutoring service and I sincerely strive to use any personal information you give me responsibly and only in the best interests of just trying to provide this service to you.  So obviously I’m never going to do something like give your information to anyone else without your approval. 
It is conceivable that I might mess up someday and send you a mail re-offering you something you are no longer interested in, in which case I hope you’ll simply ignore it or ask me to remove your contact information from my list, and I’ll do that. 

Since I have gotten a number of contacts from people who seem to be scammers (persistently asking me for my personal address and bank account etc.)  I may sometimes try to do a very simple sort of background check on people before I offer them service, especially if they’ve told me nothing about themselves.  I usually simply do a web search on their email address or name etc. and if I see something that looks like a nice normal person’s facebook page, then I give them higher priority, but if I find them saying rude things online I may move them to the bottom of my list.  If I find nothing (very common) then there is neither preferential or negative effect, but I do get enough contacts submitted that I may never get to the people who don’t provide some reassuring information about themselves.  I’m sure you can understand my preference for working with regular, honest people, so if you want preferential treatment on the waiting list, the best way is to give me just enough information about yourself (e.g. in the application forms) that I feel I know a little bit about you and/or your student. 

Since I use online advertising to let people know about my services and link them to my website, I employ some widely used web tools like Google analytics which can do things like make note of what links get clicked on and whether you are a new or returning visitor.  

So that’s my simple language.  For the full details of what the Google tools are able to do (which I’m not much of an expert on myself), I’ll refer you to their own instructions where you can read as much as you like. 

Policy requirements for Google Analytics Advertising Features: 
Apparently they use things like ‘cookies’ and codes added into URLs to do things like determine whether you are a new or returning visitor, etc. 

But, in any case, whatever the underlying web tools do... I’m not going to abuse anyone's personal information.  I want to maintain a good reputation.