Schedule and Pricing

As of August 2015: 

For Local tutoring, currently please contact me for pricing  (or tell me your needs below. If price really is the limiting factor in your child's success it's always worth discussing it with me). 

Tutoring by Skype is less: $60/hr is typical, but there are circumstances and times where rates are lower (such as odd timeslots where I am free). 

Pricing can depend on the amount of demand for the specific days & hours requested. 

There is also an option (on the waiting list sign-up form) to request a particular price, in case a less popular slot becomes available at the price requested, at which time you will be notified of it. 

No Risk, No Obligation - You do not have to pay until after the first session (if you are satisfied and choose to continue).  Then pay in increments of $100 or more in advance (ideally several sessions ahead) to reserve your scheduled times. 

Prices are typically held constant for as long as they been prepaid for.  Prices will occasionally change (not frequently) according to demand for each particular time slot, but that tends to affect new clients arriving afterward more than existing clients. 

Sign up on the Waiting List here, or contact me to reserve a timeslot

More Details: 

"Half Hour" time slots are 25 minutes by default.  (However, if there is not another student waiting online at the end of the session, the sessions can often be extended another few minutes at no charge.) 
Two can usually be combined for an "Hour" 55 minute slot. 

For local students who would prefer to have me tutor at a particular location, rather than over skype, there is a charge of $1/minute ($60/hr) for travel time required, e.g. if it's a 6 minute drive, there would be an additional $12 per session for the round trip travel.