For students with limited financial resources, we provide some Free tutoring help during the timeslots that are not reserved by other students. 

As described in more detail on other pages, we currently primarily offer Math tutoring to younger students (7th grade and younger), and English help for people of any age. 

Each student can get 4 free 15 minute sessions (or two 30 minutes, etc.) to help get you through whatever immediate things you may need help with. 

(Students who demonstrate extraordinary worthiness may be offered additional free sessions.) 

You must have your own computer with a working webcam and Skype installed (it's free) for video calls.  (And please take some time to get familiar with using it, you don't want to use up your free tutoring time fumbling with technical issues.) 

Then just add your information to the waiting list and include a note that you are interested in receiving some help for Free. 

(Priority may go to those who provide some rationale for need, such as financial hardship... why they are unable to pay any amount for regular tutoring.)

See also our information on Referrals

Also, please understand that there are only so many free hours available!  This works as a waiting list and is not a guarantee that you will actually get any certain amount of time.  If you sign up when there are not many others on the list, then you're likely to be contacted, but if/when the waiting list is long there is obviously no guarantee that we can get to everyone.